Chantilly Oysters with Burgundy Verjuice

Chantilly Oysters with Burgundy Verjuice
Serves 4

8 oysters (Serlut No. 2)
8 Ratte potatoes
¼ litre cream
a bunch of chives
1 Granny Smith apple
4 Pitacou kumquats

salt, verjuice, kumquat paste

1- Cook the potatoes in salted water.

2- Open the oysters and clean them.

3- Whip up the cream, add the verjuice, the chopped chives, then season.

4- Chop the apple into sticks.

5- Make quenelles (dumplings) with the sour-flavoured verjuice cream on the Ratte potatoes and cover with the apple sticks.

6- Add drops of kumquat paste and the Pitacou kumquats.

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