Roast epoisses in a gingerbread and orange nonette

Roast epoisses in a gingerbread and orange nonette
- 4 orange nonettes (small domed cakes)
- 1 Epoisses cheese
- 1 pot gingerbread mustard
- 100 g butter
- 1 salad, according to the season
- Salt, pepper, water

Take the nonettes and cut off the tips of the tops. Using a teaspoon, empty the centre of each one to the top of the marmalade centre. Fill the centre of the nonette with the Epoisses, forming a dome. Place in a warm oven to melt the Epoisses without burning the gingerbread.
Place 5 cl water in a saucepan together with a teaspoon of wine vinegar. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. Using a whisk, incorporate the butter into the mixture. Once the vinaigrette has emulsified, reduce heat to simmering and incorporate a tablespoon of gingerbread mustard. Replace the tops back on the hot nonettes and place one on each plate, together with a few seasonal salad leaves. Pour a thin stream of warm vinaigrette around the plate.

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